YLI Statement on Readmission of Chris Williamson

The YLICC strongly condemns the decision to reinstate Chris Williamson MP into the Labour Party. We urge his removal from the Party and for disciplinary cases to be handled by an independent body.

The following statement to that effect was approved unanimously by the YLICC:

YLI statement on the readmission of Chris Williamson MP, approved unanimously by a majority of the YLICC on 27 May 2019.

YLI urges Labour Party members 27 to sign this open letter penned by Young Labour to show solidarity with Jewish members: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScTI_Sh6nkVrYpTYfyHncwnlMmddl5Jmifz9I658A-BvphyyA/viewform

YLI Meeting – May 5, 2019


5 May 2019 (16:00 BST)

I. Present:

W. Carter
P. Jones-O’Brien
E. Garside
C. Quick
C. Paramor
R. Ward

II. Review of Political Situation in Resident Countries

Informal discussion conducted.

III. EU Elections Video

The video has been made and published on the social media channels. Another video on the EU Parliament itself and non-Brexit issues might be done. C. Paramor to request assistance from relevant people (NY Branch film producer, Imogen Tyreman, etc.)

Work on video/article/social media attacking Tory MEP platform. A focus on Tory European policies being harmful to young people, and demonstrate Labour benefits.
— P. Jones-O’Brien to organise article and/or pictures (infographic) for this.

Collective work to analyse Tory manifesto (and more, if possible).

IV. MOTIONS (* indicates ‘passed unanimously’)

a) Trans Solidarity — PASSED*, see here

b) Labour for a Green New Deal — PASSED*, see here

c) Four Day Week Campaign — PASSED*, see here

For publication, also repository for all motions, positions, etc.

Submit LfGND as branch submissions to CLP, for CLP to submit to Conference? (Max. 1). Also possibly submit to the National Policy Forum.

Provided for social media presence and amongst members (e.g. Novara Media [GND], Ed Miliband Podcast [4DW]).

Informal discussion on 4DW merits.

V. Lobbying and Pressuring MPs / MEPs Regarding Our Concerns

Emailing, Phoning, etc. Labour International currently focusing on extending voting rights to citizens living overseas (15 year rule).

VI. National Policy Forum Submissions

YLI to make submissions. NPF submits to NEC to materially influence manifesto. Separate group chat to organise these submissions (up to 600 words each).

C. Paramor to organise handover of login details for social media (TweetDeck) from last Exec. to current.

VII. Labour International Newsletter

YLI to make submissions to this on a monthly basis: rotating the duty amongst the Exec. and other members.

VIII. Campaigns

a) Brunei statement published. Further action includes condemning hotels, letter writing, contacting  chair of the board, Dorchester Hotels, UK head of Brunei’s airline, and then follow up on social media. Collate a letter with 1 paragraph each, put in group and in chat [NB: Reversal of decision by Brunei.]

b) Freedom of Movement: Labour International to push for it, with support of all factions within the CLP. Involvement of Labour for Free Movement and Another Europe is Possible.
Once conference motions are through, back it then, and wait to see what Labour International does on it and support that.

c) Green New Deal: already discussed above.

d) ChangeFinance: W. Carter to suggest work plan around this campaign.

e) Fair Tax Mark: movement for companies that sign up to the scheme to show their fair tax paying. W. Carter to condense and work on.

f) Any other:
Young Socialist Migrants Network: Taskforce to work on YSMN, like with Euro videos?
C. Paramor to post in group/chat about it.

IX. Political Education and Speakers

P. Jones-O’Brien and W. Carter brainstormed ideas, put into group and chat.

C. Paramor suggests building practical, non-theory skills (presenting argumenst, digesting articles, etc.) — start with a ‘How to Use Canva’ one.

X. Recruitment

Politics in the Pub style meetings in resident countries?

XI. Conference Delegates

Discuss with LILA (slate)

Further discuss who goes as YLI delegate, or as full LI delegate.


YLI for a Four Day Week

Young Labour International recently voted unanimously to support including a four-day week as Labour Party policy. This policy has recently been gaining momentum through support from the TUC and the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, and YLI believes it is time for the Labour Party to formally endorse a shift to a four-day week, as outlined in the motion below:

YLI policy motion in support of Labour for a 4 Day Week, approved at the 5 May 2019 meeting by unanimous vote.

For more information, please visit the website of the campaign for a four-day week at https://www.4dayweek.co.uk/our-manifesto, and check out the pinned introductory video on their twitter page at https://twitter.com/4day_week?lang=en.

YLI for a Green New Deal

Recently, members of the Labour Party have begun a movement to urge the adoption of a Green New Deal as party policy. YLI voted on a motion to support this movement at its last meeting, on 5 May 2019, and approved it unanimously. See below:

YLI policy motion in support of Labour for a Green New Deal, approved at the 5 May 2019 meeting by unanimous vote.

For more information the background and vision of the Green New Deal, YLI encourages interested members to check out the following podcast by the New Economics Foundation, hosted by Ayeisha Thomas-Smith with Ann Pettifor, Miatta Fahnbulleh, and Waleed Shahid: https://neweconomics.org/2019/02/weekly-economics-podcast-whats-the-deal-with-the-green-new-deal.